Proposed Project

We are planning to setup a food processing plant, approximately 107000 square feet in area, out of which 75135 sq.ft will be working area contains 14200 sq.ft Processing area,8900 sq.ft Pre-processing area,2500 sq.ft of Raw material receiving room with ample space for operation,2500 sq.ft Packing area,5700 sq.ft Cold store,41335 sq.ft for washing, Weighing, beheading, sorting, gutting, skinning, splitting, filleting, knobbing, meat separators, portioning, mincing, marinating in chilled room, pre — processing area with drain tables, processing tables cooking and cooling system, conveyor system, vibrator feeder, glazing and hardening and blanching unit, change area, research & development, water chilling unit 5000 liters per hour, 2 blast freezer 5 tons /6 hours facility/freezer, and 3 plate freezing facilities about 750 kgs /90 minutes batch /each load with a frozen storage capacity of about 1500 tons with an anti room.

IQF facility 750kg/ hour, centralized food preparation area (Kitchen) which can prepare Indian and international cuisines, retort machine with multiple option of canning, pouch and containers for producing 1 Ton/ day, filling and packaging machine with conveyor belt and a multi head weighing and packaging unit are planned as part of the plant. We have planned a drying facility with dual mode both in solar, waist wood and electricity having capacity of about 2 ton out -put per day. Vacuum packing unit tray sealers, automated weighing systems, generator set 1500 KV, 2 refereed vehicle about 9 ton capacity.

2 Flake ice plants about 25 tons/day /plant to cater internal demands of the factory is also planned. 3 la kh liters Effluent treatment plant, Water purifier system and other mandatory environment compliance systems are planned to be implemented. Plant has a water storage facility of about 500000 liters. Roof top solar power grid connected to 500 kw plant proposed to meet the total energy demands.

The scope of these projects is to set up a food processing plant which compiles to all national standards and selected international standards to produce innovative, value added healthy and nutritious food products based on marine, which will suit to the palate of national and international market. The plant will have facilities for all current preservation techniques like chilled, frozen, canned, dried and other products in fresh, frozen and ambient temperature.

The product array which can be produced should be varied like ready to cook, ready to eat ready to fry. The plant can pack chilled products, frozen products like frozen fish fillets, fish loins /fish steak, tray pack, frozen sea food curry with rice, half cooked lobster, raw crab meat, sea food mix in a tray, sea food vegetable mix. Shrimp curry, cooked and peeled shrimps, semi IQF Head on/ headless / butterfly-cooked/blanched shrimps, semi IQF Peeled tail on cooked shrimps in pack of buyer's requirement, cooked salad shrimps, cooked and peeled shrimps etc. All the products would have shelf life of about 12 months to 24 months. The planned factory can give direct and indirect employment to 1700 people.